Rotary rake

Rotary rake is designed for raking hay and soilage scattered for drying into rows, for mechanical or manual collecting. The shafts are situated along an apron made of resistant fabric.
For public road driving, the protective bows are retracted and secured from falling


– PTO front drive, shaft speed 540
– 10 degree turn
– transport width 1400 mm
– tandem chassis

Rotary rake – specyfication (pdf)
Rotary rake euro-masz
Model Width (m) Arms (pcs.) No. of tines on one arm [pcs.] Power requirement (hp) Weight (kg) Efficiency (ha/h)
ZG35 3,5 9 3 od 25 440 3,5
ZG42 4,2 11 4 od 40 535 4,5