Trailer 3,0 T

Agricultural Trailer 3,0T

Trailers intended for the transport of agricultural products and other loose and volumetric materials within the farm. Trailers are unloaded manually or by tilting the load box backwards or sideways. The trailers are adapted to work with agricultural tractors equipped with an external hydraulic system, a socket for signaling, warning and braking systems and a transport hitch.


– 3,0 T payload – three-way tipping – four-stage tipping cylinder – adjustable front drawbar – weight: 1100 kg – total width 1.9 m – total length 4.3 m – lighting – internal dimensions of the load box: length 2910 mm, width 1760 mm, height 500 m


– pneumatic brake axle – hydraulic braking axle – chute in the rear side – additional chute for chute

Download:c Agricultural Trailer euro-masz – specyfication (pdf)
Agricultural Trailer euro-masz