“Euro-Masz” Agricultural Services and Production of Agricultural Machinery The company was founded in 2011. The seat is located at Jabłonna in the Przedbórz commune. At the beginning, the company dealt with agricultural services, over time the company also dealt with the production of agricultural machinery. The company supplies agricultural machinery depots and individual customers throughout the country with its products.
The company’s offer is constantly expanded and currently consists of:

– folding hydraulic disc harrows
– disc aggregates
– cultivation and sowing aggregates
– stubble aggregates
– single beam plows
– rip off plows (bed plows)
– rotary plows
– subsoilers
– CAMBRIGDE seed rollers
– bale grippers
– crocodiles
– spooncrocodiles
– spoons for bulk materials
– pallet trucks
– trailers
– hay rakes